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Shape & Define Your Winham Landscape With Bed Edging

Bed Edging

Fox Pro Landscaping offers expert quality bed edging services to keep your landscape trim, neat, and beautiful here in Windham.

In addition to bed edging, Fox Pro Landscaping offers quality lawn care services for Windham residents that are designed to restore, maintain, and improve the quality and appearance of your lawns and gardens. Check some of them out below:

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Flower Bed Edging

Fox Pro Landscaping offers bed edging services to keep your garden and flower beds looking trim, neat, and organized. These edgings will keep your plants safe from things like pests, the spread of disease from the lawn, and weeds that may be growing toward the beds.

Our team of professionals can work with you on deciding what sort of edging is best for your landscape. You may choose a natural look with rocks or stones, or something that is more cost-effective such as vinyl or rubber. No matter what you choose, we will ensure your edging is properly installed and maintained.

Benefits Of Bed Edging

A main draw for bed edging is the effect it has on your curb appeal. It allows for the garden bed and lawn to be more separate looking, allowing for a neat look. This also helps pests and weeds from interfering with plants you may have. Bed edging will also allow you to have better control of the lawn maintenance tasks you need to get done, such as mowing and mulching.

Frequently Asked Bed Edging Questions

Depending on the material the edging is made from, your edging can last anywhere from a few years to decades with proper maintenance. Most edging material is made from rock, stone, or brick. Some choose a less expensive option such as rubber or vinyl edging. Consult with your team of professionals to learn which options are best for you and your landscape.

Lawn edging is where an actual cut is made into the grass, between the lawn itself and the structure it's meant to be separate from. Bed edging is where a structure or barrier is added to the soil that will separate the garden from the lawn or any other structure. These can be made from natural resources like rocks or plastic. Both kinds of edging elevate the look of your landscape and improve the curb appeal of your home.

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