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Transform Your Windham Landscape With Mulch & Rock Bed Installs

Mulch & Rock Bed Install

For the best mulch & rock bed install services in the Windham area, you can rely on Fox Pro Landscaping to help you. We offer the best mulch & rock bed install around, helping your garden look better than ever in no time at all.

In addition to mulch & rock bed install, we offer a variety of lawn care services for Windham residents. These services are all specially designed to restore, maintain, and improve the quality of their lawn and garden. Check some of them out below:

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Landscape Rocks & Mulch

Fox Pro Landscaping offers mulch & rock bed install services to help your garden bed look prettier and feel healthier. Mulch & rock bed install helps soil to stay wet longer, retain nutrients necessary for plants to survive, and help prevent weeds from taking root.

Our team can help you design the best look for your garden bed, whether it be a mulch or rock bed.

Benefits Of Rock And Mulch Beds

While mulch and rocks are different in composition, they both have similar benefits when used as a cover for garden beds:

  • Moisture Retention - Mulch and rocks will help retain moisture in the soil, allowing for less frequent watering and drought prevention.
  • Weed Control - Mulch and rocks help cover the soil, shielding it from the sun. Weeds need sunlight to grow.
  • Low-Maintenance - Garden beds with no mulch or rock cover will be exposed to the elements. This means more rampant weed growth and the need to fertilize the soil more often, including watering. While regular mulch will require replacement here and there, it's still better than having the soil exposed.
  • Improved Curb Appeal - A garden bed with a mulch or rock bed helps the area look more manicured and beautiful. This will help improve the curb appeal of your property.

Frequently Asked Mulch & Rock Bed Install Questions

Mulch helps create a barrier that will better hold in moisture, preventing your plants from drying out. The mulch will also serve as a source of nutrients for your plants. There is also the added benefit of weeds having trouble growing due to the mulch barrier.

Mulch is typically made from biodegradable products, such as wood. The elements will play a large role in how long a mulch bed will last. A lot of sun, rain, and wind can mean a shorter lifespan. But we typically recommend that new mulch is added to the area every season, or at least twice per year.

Mulch is made from products like wood and plant life, while rocks are not. Some rock beds may be made from natural rock while others are a mix of synthetic materials. Mulch tends to degrade over time and needs more frequent replacement while rocks are much more longlasting. Rock beds tend to be more expensive due to their longevity.

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