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Edging Shapes Your Windham Landscape


If you're in search of quality lawn edging in the Windham area, Fox Pro Landscaping is here to assist you. Edging helps lawns and green areas look neat and trim, preventing overgrowth that looks untidy and unprofessional.

In addition to edging services, Fox Pro Landscaping offers a variety of lawn care services for Windham residents that are designed to restore and maintain the state of your lawn and garden. Check some of them out below:

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Professional & Thorough Lawn Edging

Edging involves using an edging tool to cut overgrowth from creeping over pavement and other walkways. Edging cuts about an inch or so between the lawn and the pavement to make lawns look neat, tidy, and professional.

Most lawns benefit from edging every time the lawn is mowed. This retains the uniform look and ensures the weeds are controlled.

Benefits Of Lawn Edging

Lawns that become overgrown and grow over the borders of pavement and walkways look professional, healthy, and improved. Another benefit of edging is controlling weeds. Weeds that often grow on the edges of lawns are cut away and prevented from growing out of control, adding to the professional look of lawns. Edging will also assist in cleaner mowing lines when mowing the lawn.

Frequently Asked Edging Questions

Edge your lawn at least once a month. This should be the rule of thumb during the growing season. Routine edging will help keep the lawn looking neat and tidy.

Yes, it is worth it. The difference between a good lawn and a great lawn is what edging does.

Lawn edging is where an actual cut is made into the grass, between the lawn itself and the structure it's meant to be separate from. Bed edging is where a structure or barrier is added to the soil that will separate the garden from the lawn or any other structure. These can be made from natural resources like rocks or plastic. Both kinds of edging elevate the look of your landscape and improve the curb appeal of your home.

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